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Hi, I’m Arlene and am the owner of Arlene Anderson Portrait Design.  Over the past 18+ years, my business has seen many evolutions,  but I have never been more excited than right now. Though I am the only photographer here, I couldn’t be successful with my partners that work behind the scenes.

My professional lab that I have trusted for too many years to count is White House Custom Color located in Minnesota.  Using a professional lab allows me to rest assured the quality of the image will meet or even exceed the expectations of myself and my clients. Their process includes ensuring the color space of the images submitted from my computer will be replicated in the final print.  I would never trust my images to anything other than a professional lab.  You can visit their website to see more about them at

My custom hand canvases are my favorite way to have my art displayed.  They have been created at Whitmire & Associates for the past 10+ years.  Their hand finished process is a lost art and they are one of only a very small handful of companies that continue creating them.  The process includes stripping the prints (produced by my professional lab), mounting the image to genuine canvas material which is then wrapped by hand to custom made stretcher frames.

The canvas is then finished with brush strokes and multiple coatings of a lacquer finish make each image appear more like a painting that will last for generations.  Here are 2 images of them in the process of finishing one of their client’s images: