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Are you like me?  Whenever I am making a purchasing decision, the testimonials are the first things I review.  We have compiled a few thoughts from our previous clients in order to help you decide if we are the right portrait studio for you.  These are some of the most recent clients.  Hope to hear from you soon!


Ben is someone I met a couple of years ago through a business venture.  When it came time for him to need a fresh professional image I was honored when he contacted me.  Our schedules were extremely tight but we were able to get together for about 30 minutes to create a few different looks for him.  Click here to see what he thought of the experience and the result.


Mary and I have worked together several times to create images ranging from lifestyle, business, and even high school senior portraits for one of her grandsons.  Click here to see what she says:


KayCee has been a client for many years.  Most recently in Cabo San Lucas! Click here to see what she has to say:


Linda Morgan-Henry needed an updated business portrait for an exciting new venture.  Click here to see what she had to say:


Jen and I met a few years ago and when it came time for her to launch her new website for her coaching program, she knew she needed professional portraits.  We connected, along with her husband Josh, and not only had fun but…well, Click here to see what she thinks.


Dawn contacted me to create an updated portrait for her social media profile as well as for her business stationary.  Even though she lives in North Carolina, we were able to connect in Las Vegas.  Click here to find out how it went.


Sandie is a very successful business woman that is proud to be a baby-boomer and wants nothing more than to help others.  Even though we lived over 4 hours apart at the time, she contacted me to create her professional image she knew she would need.  Click here to see what she feels about the experience and the result.