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Sandie had been a successful business owner in the wellness industry, owning and operating wellness centers and day spas for over 30 years.  A few years ago she decided it was time to give back and has started a new venture to help baby-boomers with their mindset and health in order to maintain an active lifestyle.  She knew she needed professional portraiture and I was honored that she contacted me.

We created her portrait on a sunny day with a hill of green grass behind her.  As we were working on her website, she decided her colors would be shades of blue, so obviously the green didn’t look right.  Since she lived over 4 hours away from me, there was no way we could re-do the session.  With my Photoshop expertise, I was able to handle her request.   Here is what she felt about our experience together:

When I had to get professional business portraits done I knew I wanted Arlene Anderson to do them and was willing to drive 4 hours. During my session, I was relaxed and had such a fun time. I loved my finished pictures. Since then I have seen dozens of pictures of Arlene Anderson’s work and they have all been wonderful.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants beautiful professional pictures. – Sandie Nielson – Website: