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Josh and Jen were in the process of launching a new coaching program and needed individual portraits as well as some of them together.  Here is what Jen has to say about their experience.  Josh and I have been married 13 years. We have had engagement pictures taken, baby pictures taken but NONE like what we just experienced with Arlene Anderson..pure JOY!

Arlene is the type of professional that treats you like family.  She tells you what colors and poses will make you feel and look your best. She is more than a photographer she is an artist.  Josh and I had so much fun for the hour we spent taking professional head shots, and lifestyle pictures.

Arlene made us laugh, was honest about when we didn’t look just right and made us enjoy the process. Not only that but she made sure each picture we selected was touched up, sized for our needs and got them off to us very quickly. We would absolutely recommend Arlene Anderson to the mom having a baby to the high-end professional that wants to capture the essence of what they do. – Jen Purga – Website: